Application Development

Tech flow adjusts itself to current ideas of the tech industry to provide facility for its clients (agents and business people) by offering and performing in-depth research to accomplish results and eventually increase performance which shall lead to high-trust of customers.


Development Process:

Tech flow experts know the cycle of business through which they integrate a custom software for its clients as per their demands to deliver marvelous applications. The company also keeps track of software maintenance to enhance good working conditions. The company offers two most widely compelling improvement approaches that are:



Tech flow’s human resource comprises of certified experts and talented developers with years of experience and technological industry knowledge. Providing high quality is integral to sustain in the competitive market nowadays, therefore we make sure to meet the needs and expectations of the customers. We here at tech flow make sure that our performance is fit for the purpose; is available and delivered on time; is reliable and durable and is worthy in the eyes of our clients.


Technologies Used:

The company masters the following levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions on the following technologies:

  • Back end Plus Front end and desktop
    • .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, C++
  • Mobile
    • iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apache Cordova, Xamarin
  • Frontend
    • HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • Databases
    • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Mobile Application development:

The growing popularity of mobile applications has increased the need of having every tech element for instance intense processors, bigger screens, and powerful working frameworks to be held in hands. Moreover, our capable teams are creative thinkers who know how to bring these developments into the real world. We create value-added applications custom fitted precisely to cater business necessities to gain competitive edge. Furthermore, our specialists are experienced in developing and testing Mobile Applications.